SafeTracks™ Health & Wellness Leasing Program to Benefit Alberta’s Seniors at Risk for Falls or Wandering

The TRiLOC™ GPS wearable is now available through Alberta Health Services

RED DEER, AB –(Marketwired – Updated – June 27, 2017) – Canadian owned company SafeTracks GPS Canada Inc. announced today it will be offering a GPS wearable device to provide a long term care alternative for patients living with dementia and seniors who are at high risk of falls and wandering.

SafeTracks™ TRiLOC™ GPS Emergency Communication Devices are now available to Albertans. Clients with Alberta Health Services can receive the TRiLOC™ watch, an advanced GPS wearable, at a discounted rate through a leasing program offered through SafeTracks. SafeTracks™ expects this opportunity will provide significant value in the enhancement of life, improving both seniors and caregiver’s confidence. The TRiLOC™ will provide clients and caregivers greater independence, peace of mind and imperatively, security.

Vince Morelli, President of SafeTracks™, states, “SafeTracks™ is honored to participate in the Leasing Program to provide a Lifestyle Management Solution for at-risk seniors. With this technology, seniors can stay in their homes longer, live safely in their communities all the while enjoying a higher quality of life and their independence.”

In 2015, SafeTracks™ was involved in a study regarding Usability of Locator Technology Among Home Care Clients at risk for Wandering. The study was completed by the University of Alberta in collaboration with Alberta Health Services. It was recommended by Safetracks™, based on customer discussions and client visits, that when GPS devices are implemented at the early stages of dementia, it leads to a better quality of life increasing daily routines and independence. SafeTracks™ has been told by family members that, “I wish I would have has this before” and as the disease may progress, it “gives caregivers and family members peace of mind” knowing their loved ones are safe and secure.

About SafeTracks GPS: SafeTracks™ is the global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of advanced GPS Emergency Communication Devices. SafeTracks™ maintains the highest standard of certification, only offering top-of-the-line wearables that are safe for individual use. SafeTracks™ GPS Emergency Communication Devices are used to monitor at-risk individuals including Independent Seniors, those living with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other Cognitive Disorders, Young Adults, those suffering from PTSD and Lone Workers.

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