July 4, 2018


TRiLOC™ – Frequently Asked Questions

The TRiLOCTM is wrist-worn watch that monitors the GPS location of those at-risk of wandering using 2G/3G/HSPA+ cellular and GPS technology. The TRiLOCTM is the only mPERS device on the market to offer a seamless and cost effective indoor/outdoor location awareness technology. Click here to see the TRiLOCTM information page for a complete list of features. The TRiLOCTM device is up to date with all FCC, IC, SARS and cellular carrier PTCRB certifications.
Yes. There is a resizer available for smaller wrists.
The TRiLOCTM is different because:

- Seamless indoor/outdoor transition (with BlueBeaconTM)

- Easy of use

- Lockable strap with tamper proof notifictions

- True fall detection

- Two-way hands free voice communication

- SOS/Check-in Button with disable feature

- Multi-zone Geofence customizable schedules

The different notifications that can be received are:


- Enter/ Exit Geo-Fence

- Fall Detection

- Wrist Band Tampering

- Overspeed

- Low Battery

SafeTracksTM recommends charging the TRiLOCTM device for 90 minutes every day. Battery life is approximately 48 hours when fully charged. Usage and battery usage daily depends on the notification settings (eg: notification every minute compared to every 10 minutes will wear out the battery faster)
Yes. A notification will be sent via email and/or text.
Unfortunately no. The SIM card/GPS signaling device is installed within the device.
The Family Member or Caregiver determines who receives the email and/or text message notifications. Notifications are quickly set-up using TrackNowTM from a computer or any mobile device.
The primary caregiver receives the SOS emergency call; the contact information can be edited in the TrackNowTM platform. For all other alerts, up to 20 emergency contacts can be listed and notified.
No, the TRiLOC™ is not waterproof however the device is water-resistant. Regular activities such as hand washing will not harm the TRiLOC™.
The Monitoring Modes are determined by the Family Member and/or Caregiver for 1 min, 10 min or 60 min intervals. In cases of an emergency, the settings automatically change to 1 min monitoring.
The TRiLOCTM will work anywhere there is an adequate cellular signal. SafeTracksTM recommends using the BlueBeaconTM in concert to the TRiLOC in areas that the GPS signal is weak or non-existent. The BlueBeaconTM provides supplemental location data via Bluetooth.
The BlueBeaconTM is a Bluetooth device that communicates to the TRiLOCTM when GPS signals are weak or non-existent. The BlueBeaconTM is suitable for commercial and residential use.
SafeTracksTM has developed a platform called TrackNowTM which is accessed from any computer or mobile device (tablet/ smartphone).
Yes. The TRiLOCTM features two-way voice with it's own phone number.
No need to access your personal computer, you can use your iPHONE, iPAD or ANDROID device to track and locate your loved ones.
For iPhone go on iTUNES Store

For Android go on PLAYSTORE and type in the search menu: TRiLOC GPS
TrackNowTM is a secure website used to locate and setup all the TRiLOCTM features and alerts.
No. SafeTracksTM TRiLOCTM devices use the AT&T and Rogers 2G/3G/4G and LTE network as its platform.
Monthly or yearly subscription. You can cancel your service at any time, with one month notice.
The monthly service fee includes unlimited data and 15 minutes* of Emergency voice calls. $0.75 per minute charge will be assessed after the 15 allotted minutes. The monthly service fee charge is $39.95/ month.
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